What to do if your wife wants a divorce. Rule #1: Don’t go wacky

Marriage Advice in Washington DC

One of the most dreaded things a man could hear is that his wife wants a divorce. I’m going to go through some of the basics that you need to remember if, for some reason, this happens to you.

Read more to learn the three rules to remember if your wife has told you it’s over.

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Starter wives and gay marriage

starter wife and gay marriage

Ever heard of a starter wife?

You probably missed the TLC reality show dedicated to educating us about this apparently growing demographic…that’s because, like so many celebrity marriages, it was cancelled after a few days.

Some places are considering a marriage expiration date so partners can just walk away if it’s not working out.

Wonder what this has to do with gay marriage? Read on…

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The Drunk Debate: Alternatives to Argument Over Spouse Sobriety

Spouse sobriety

Addictions specialist Rick Gross thinks every intimate relationship is a journey of discovery. But I’m willing to bet that some of you have partners who enjoy the intimate journey of discovering the bottom of a beer bottle more than you.

Find out why we have to cool our guns and not launch an all-out attack against alcohol and instead wage a smarter campaign to build our relationship.

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