4 Things a Marriage Counselor Won’t Do

There are a lot of things a marriage counselor can do to help your marriage. However, there are certainly some misconceptions about the limitations of counseling. There are certainly many things a marriage counselor won’t do.

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 1. A Marriage Counselor Won’t Magically Fix Your Marriage

A marriage counselor isn’t a miracle worker and doesn’t possess any secret powers that fix a broken marriage. Instead, a good counselor will give couples the tools they need to repair marital problems.

Simply meeting with a counselor won’t fix the marriage. It’s up the couple do to the work.

2. A Marriage Counselor Won’t Force You Talk About Anything

Sometimes people avoid seeing a counselor because they’re afraid they’ll have to talk about something that they don’t want to discuss. A marriage counselor won’t force you to talk about your first marriage, your sexual problems or your trauma history. However, you’ll need to consider whether or not it needs to be discussed to make progress.

3. A Marriage Counselor Won’t Take Sides

A marriage counselor doesn’t act as a judge to determine who’s guilty of causing the marital problems. Instead, a counselor will examine how each of you can make changes that can help improve the relationship.

4. A Marriage Counselor Won’t Fix Your Spouse

Unfortunately, people sometimes enter into marriage counseling in hopes that the counselor will fix the other person. Counseling won’t work unless both partners are willing to examine their role in marital problems.

A marriage counselor won’t simply “fix” one person and repair the marriage. Instead, the counselor will focus on helping both partners create meaningful change. 

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