5 Issues that are Often Best Addressed in Family Therapy

Family therapy can be an excellent choice to treat a variety of issues. Family therapy may include a couple only or it may also include children, parents or other extended family members. Here are some issues that are commonly addressed with family therapy:

family therapy

1. Family Therapy for Substance Abuse Issues 

When one person in a family has a drug or alcohol addiction, family therapy can be one of the best treatments. When everyone in the family learns how to support a person with an addiction, without enabling, great progress can be made. The person with the addiction will likely require additional treatment in conjunction with family therapy.

2. Family Therapy for Eating Disorders 

When a person has an eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia, family involvement is important. Family members can benefit from education about eating disorders while also learning how they can be supportive.

3. Family Therapy for Parenting Issues 

When parents can’t agree on parenting issues, it can cause a variety of family problems. Parents can often benefit from counseling together as a couple to help them learn how to parent effectively as a team. Children may join some of the family sessions as part of the treatment.

4. Family Therapy for Blended Family Issues 

When couples remarry and blend two families together, it can be very difficult. Family therapy can be an excellent way for parents to successfully step into their role as a step-parent and it can also be an excellent way to help children adjust to living in a blended family.

5. Family Therapy for Grief 

Treating the entire family can be an important way to address grief. Whether an extended family member has passed away or when someone is dealing with a chronic illness, family sessions can help everyone address their complicated feelings.

 5 Issues that are Often Best Addressed in Family Therapy