Author, Speaker, Marriage Therapist, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

 Keith Miller, LICSW, knows that relationships are confusing and can push people past their limits. With more than a decade of experience as a couples therapist and self-leadership coach, Miller’s passion is to encourage and teach others how to embrace a relationship and all of its imperfections.

Keith headshot 2014 4x5 A few years ago, Miller found himself asking this daunting question: Where does a therapist turn when he needs someone to save his own marriage? He soon became the recipient of the same advice he normally dispenses to couples.

The experience thrust Miller and his wife into an unanticipated no-man's-land of confusing choices about how to embrace the process of couples therapy, starting with finding the right therapist for their unique situation. Stunned by the lack of uniformity in the way couples therapy is advertised and delivered, Miller set out to help anyone else navigating the couples-therapy playing field. On a mission to make marriages healthier in America, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish his book, Love Under Repair: How to Save Your Marriage and Survive Couples Therapy, the first step to reaching his goal of promoting healthy relationships nationwide.

As an expert in the counseling space who has experienced both sides of this process, Miller wants others going through similar challenges to understand where to turn when standing at the crossroads of needing professional help for their relationship and not knowing where to begin.

"There are so many couples therapy horror-stories out there," Miller says. "Some people equate it with going to the hospital in the nineteenth century and think there's little guarantee you'll leave better off than you started. I want to change this and lead a conversation about marriage and the infinite, surprising ways we can find love there, in the world, and inside us.”

Miller earned a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University and a bachelor’s in religious studies. He is the founder and lead therapist at Keith Miller & Associates Counseling, a large private psychotherapy practice specializing in couples therapy based in Washington, DC. He has worked in mental health and psychotherapy for over 12 years in a variety of settings and has trained closely with nationally renowned experts in the fields of individual and couples psychotherapy.

When not working with couples to help them re-gain that special spark, Miller may be shuffling his kids from ballet lessons and boy scouts, or getting in a round of golf. He resides in Silver Spring, MD, with his wife and their two children.