About Your Marriage Coach

KeithThis is the place where I should tell you I am a master couples therapist and tell you I'm passionate about saving marriages. These things are both true. But I'm also a guy that's failed at marriage, over and over again, even though I've been married for almost seventeen years (to the same person!)

There have been moments in my marriage where I've completely felt like giving up. Or I've made my wife feel like giving up! I share some of these stories in the books I've written (see below), and I think it's the stories I tell that make my writing connect with so many readers the crowded genre of relationship self-help.

Devoted to Curing Psychological "Allergies"

I've spent many years fine-tuning a theory about why it's so common to deeply love someone and yet have a powerful aversion to that same person. I think that every loving, intimate relationship can develop "allergies." These are powerful, subconscious negative psychological reactions to your partner. In my clinical practice, I've successfully treated these psychological allergies with simple mindfulness skills. That's why I developed 21-Day Marriage Transformation, to give couples a powerful tool to root out negativity that can destroy a very good relationship.

Career and Background

During my professional career I've had the privilege of studying under some amazing leaders in the field of psychology. Even though I now teach clinical skills classes to professionals in my field across the country, I still consider myself a student that is still learning and improving. Prior to getting my masters in social work, I earned a B.A. in religious studies and considered entering seminary to become a protestant minister. I became a social worker in 2002 and I've been the founder/director of a psychotherapy clinic that specializes in relationship counseling in Washington, DC, and Maryland, since 2007.

I work with an amazing team of therapists treating all sorts of mental health issues like addictions, mood disorders, and panic attacks, in addition to helping relationships. I'm a certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist, which where I learned that mindfulness practice can be taught systematically.


This is my awesome counseling practice staff

In 2015, I wrote my first book, Love Under Repair: How to Save Your Marriage and Survive Couples Therapy. I'm proud of how it won a Reader's Choice award for non-fiction. It's a resource for anyone who's been through the confusing maze of choosing the best couples therapist. One of my favorite parts of creating this book was that I got to produce a funny kick starter video for it.

Having Hope to Make Marriage Better

More than anything else in life, I know how important it is to have hope. Believing in my marriage and having hope is what has made the difference between giving up and working to make it better. It's my goal to offer this same hope to you and to as many people as possible. I know marriage isn't easy. But I know it's worth the effort to make it better.

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