Back to the blog and ready for Kickstarter!


I'm getting ready to celebrate a huge milestone of a major accomplishment. Almost a year ago around this time, I didn't know it but I was about to enter a time warp. I flew to Seattle (pictured above at original Starbucks in Seattle), to begin research on a book that I then wrote over the next 10 months. I met some cool people at the Gottman/Johnson Couples Therapy Summit (both are subjects of my book). Ever since, this blog got put on the shelf.

Sorry blog.

It's now time to come full circle back to the blog and share my project with you. Blogging about marriage and relationships in the first place was what planted the seed to write the first guide for couples who need couples therapy but don't know how to find the right counselor for their situation.

I had no idea this project would take the form it did. My life--and my family's life--changed a lot as week after week of late nights and all-weekend benders hunched over the computer became a sort of normal. The final result? Roughly 225 pages and 10 chapters later, Love Under Repair: How to Save Your Marriage and Survive Couples Therapy is born!

Now that I have a finished manuscript I've been "beta testing" it with many close friends and colleagues in the field of marriage and couples therapy. A few weeks ago my editor told me about Kickstarter, a place where people post their creative projects and attract "backers," who pledge financial support to help launch the project. I've been wanting a way to do a large-scale beta-test of the manuscript with anyone willing to give honest feedback, and Kickstarter is how I'm going to do it!

Next weekend I'm flying a videographer in from New York to stay at my house and film my Kickstarter video--a book trailer that introduces people to the project and asks for their financial support in exchange for "rewards." I haven't finalized all the rewards yet, but they'll include immediate advance electronic copies of the book, hard copies when it comes out, and a chance to feature your own 250 word story or one tip about saving your marriage with the help of couples therapy. Contributing financially is kind of like pre-ordering the book. You also have the opportunity to support in bigger ways and be personally invited to be part of my team of advisers.

If you've never heard of Kickstarter, it's a very popular crowd funding website. One great campaign you should check out is Precious Little Sleep, by Alexis Dubief, a parent blogger at 

Backing my project on Kickstarter is kind of like casting your vote to allow this book to be born. This is because if I don't reach my funding goals, I don't get to keep any of the dollars pledged to me.  According to one of the founders of Kickstarter, Yancey Stickler, "I think the all-or-nothing formula is part of what makes it work. It's part of the game-ification of life. If [a Kickstarter campaign] is getting close, the internet comes alive and makes it happen."