Advanced Praise for Love Under Repair:

"Keith Miller does something unique for a book by a professional marriage therapist--he reveals his own marital struggles and endears you to him as he presents a clear guide to choosing a couples therapy that is safe and effective. His storytelling makes the many advances in attachment theory and brain science that he presents easy to relate to and understand. Love Under Repair is a practical tool that every therapist and couple should have within reach."

Harville Hendrix Ph. D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph. D., authors of the New York Times best-selling books Getting the Love You Want and Making Marriage Simple.


"This one-of-a-kind book is a valuable consumers guide to the world of marriage counseling. Miller walks along-side you as the reader, sharing his own story, as he sheds light on a type of help that most couples seek out blindly rather than with knowledge and insight. This book will increase your confidence in making one of the most important decisions couples make--how to choose a good marriage counselor."

William J. Doherty, Ph.D., Director of the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project at the University of Minnesota and author of Take Back Your Marriage: Sticking Together in a World That Pulls Us Apart.


"Love Under Repair is immediately useful for anyone considering couples therapy. Keith Miller includes practical information on what to expect, cost, and how to get the most out of therapy. He covers three common couples therapy methods without bias and offers a clear path for the couple to decide which is best for them. This book is especially useful for someone skeptical of couples therapy--buy it for him or her."

Wade Luquet, MSW, PhD, Associate Professor of Human Services, Gwynedd Mercy University. Author of Short-Term Couples Therapy: The Imago Model in Action.


"Love Under Repair is an important addition to our understanding of attachment-based couples therapy, helping potential clients choose the therapy model that speaks to them. Keith Miller writes in a voice that is both thoughtful, accessible and extremely engaging. You won't find a better book for couples considering therapy."

Jette Simon, Director of Washington DC Training Institute for Couples


"So many theories, so many practitioners, and so many marriages in pain and turmoil. How do you and your partner find your way to the counselor your relationship deserves? Keith Miller courageously and brilliantly answers that question in his state-of-the-art book, Love Under Repair. Whether explaining theories, debunking myths, or creating the questions that will help you identify the counselors that will work best for you, Keith offers the definitive guide to the world of couples therapy. Allow his warmth, wit and thorough grasp of this often intimidating world to lead you to the path that will bring your marriage home.

Deborah Ross, LPC
Former President, Mid-Atlantic Association for Imago Relationship Therapists.


"Love Under Repair is a very valuable book for couples who need help with their relationship. It's a wonderful introduction to couples therapy, which explains how it can help your troubled marriage and how to choose the best form of couples therapy for you. Keith Miller's writing is clear and easy to relate to, especially the many stories of couples' journeys in therapy."

Jay Earley, PhD, author of Self-Therapy, creator of Self-Therapy Journey


"Never has it been more important—even urgent—to know how to form relationships that flourish. At a time when we are surrounded by the devastation of divorce and cynicism about marriage in general, we need help more than ever. Keith Miller provides authoritative guidance with disarming honesty and wit. In Love Under Repair, the average person can learn about the unique qualities of attachment-based couples therapy and make an informed decision about how to get quality professional relationship help. Keith's years of experience with this subject are evident from the book's clear instructions and his command of the emotional landscape inside of marriage. Well written; scientifically robust; easily accessible. If you want a better relationship and need help, look no further."

Curt Thompson, M.D., author of Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising Connections Between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices That Can Transform Your Life and Relationships


I've known Keith Miller as the successful founder of Keith Miller & Associates Counseling, and it's no surprise that he's written a terrific book to help sort out the confusing maze of choices couples face when finding a therapist. With compassion, sensitivity and humor, Keith serves as a hands-on guide to help couples find the best path to navigate through their unique challenges. What is particularly useful in Love Under Repair is how Keith skillfully draws upon his own personal history as well as over a decade of clinical experience working with couples in crisis. Highly recommended as a first crucial step for couples wanting to make the best choices and a must-read for any professional that supports couples in distress.

Joe Bavonese, PhD
Director and Founder of Relationship Institute


Keith's gift to couples everywhere is his book, Love Under Repair. It demystifies the process of couples therapy so you can know there's hope when you're feeling most vulnerable. Equally important is Keith's clear and concise explanation of how to find a couples therapist who can help you communicate effectively and lovingly with your partner, whether you're just starting out or have been married for years. Couples at all stages of their relationship can make informed choices about who to contact and what to expect from the best investment you can make in your relationship.

Jennifer Kogan, MSW, LICSW