Transform Your Marriage Today

Even good relationships succumb to the relentless effects of stress on intimacy and connection. 21 Day Marriage Transformation: The SIMPLE Mindfulness Antidote to Relationship Conflict and Negativity is a powerful home-study course that teaches mindfulness skills that are scientifically shown to reduce stress and replace relationship-damaging toxicity with compassion, creative problem-solving, and calmness.

Save Your Money and Save Your Marriage: An Effective Alternative to Couples Therapy

The Scientifically-Based Solution is Mindfulness

21-Day Marriage Transformation is a course designed with meditations specifically tailored to help you become less reactive, more confident, more creative and more courageous with your partner. This course will target automatic mental habits that are ineffective at eliciting openness and receptivity from your partner such as blaming, criticism, avoidance, and defensiveness. Intended for use as a solo activity, partners who participate together will especially reap the benefits of exercises that will improve communication and empathy.
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When you buy the course, you instantly get ALL of these powerful relationship tools:

  • 15 short videos that vividly illustrate the main concept for each lesson (plus 3 bonus videos)
  • 15 twenty-minute audio meditations (with and without music).
  • 15 written lessons that explain mindfulness and emotional intelligence concepts used in each day’s meditation.
  • 15 mind/body assessment questions to help you track variables that affect your state of mind before and after each meditation.
  • 15 reflection exercises to help translate positive changes within yourself into positive interactions with your partner.
  • Plus 3 bonus quizzes

Buy the 21 Day Marriage Transformation Home CourseBuy Now

"Keith Miller offers an alternative to couples therapy—a clear and practical course for working on your own that integrates elements of the most popular and powerful approaches to improve your relationship."
Richard C. Schwartz, PhD Harvard Medical School, Department of Psychiatry