Can you be any more romantic?

Here's a quote from that I found:
Being Romantic means being sensitive, affectionate, and spiritually-inclined.

The paramount quality of a romantic person is sensitivity. The romantic is a person who FEELS deeply, and attaches a lot of meaning to those feelings. Because of this, the romantic will express him/herself through such things as affection, verbal declarations of love, and meaningful gestures, all of which come from deep within.

Romantic love and romanceA romantic will perceive a richness of detail that is lost on the non-romantic type -- such things as the fleeting expression of a lover’s eyes. In a split second, the romantic has perceived a hint of sadness there, which the lover quickly tries to hide, by pretending it was never there to begin with. But the romantic saw it, and was touched by it....This takes sensitivity, depth of feeling, as well as spiritual awareness.

Romantic people LOVE to give love! Romantic types simply want to make sure that their partners feel loved, special, and appreciated. No gesture is either too big or small to show how they feel about their beloved.

Romance involves the total involvement with another person’s inner world -- their soul, their intellect, their heart. One gives all of oneself to this person, and being romantic certainly expresses how completely one is committed to this person, to being in a relationship with them.

To sum up, being a romantic entails being sensitive, expressive, and spiritual, not only in regards to one’s beloved, but in one’s life as well, through saturating it with great beauty


Now that you have a FEEL of what I mean by being a ROMANTIC....

Using these examples (below)....where do you personally FALL in Attitude / Beliefs / Expression .......and where is your partner? I would imagine polar opposites would cause quite an issue...from extreme irritation to withering 2 different world views bonking heads.

And has you & your spouses' Romantic attitude changed or remained the same over the years ....and if so, HOW has this affected your union? (For instance ....maybe you both seemed a 5 while dating - but resorted to a 2 or 3 after some difficult struggles in your marriage).

Do you feel the essence of Romance is VERY important in a healthy marriage or only on a very small the scheme of other important things in life?

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1. Romance is not necessary. I see no point in it at all, these people are half corked ~ living in the clouds ~ Being "Romantic" all the time means the woman is too clingy and the man is "weak". Get a life!

2. Romance is overrated, it is like Barbie Dolls, only sets people up for Fairytales & Unrealistic expectations that visit my marriage & screw with my spouses head.

3. Once upon a time I believed & walked in was GREAT ...... THEN we got married & had kids. This is the best it gets, married life is not about romance, it is about security, commitment and stability. This is the most important.

4. I see value in Romance - it inspires me at times...but I keep my feet on the ground... it still takes alot of work & effort to keep those candles lit & burning in a long term relationship. The ebb & flow of the Romantic is "enough" for me, we don't need to burn the house down with it.

5. I am a born Romantic...It can't be separated from who I am.... I long to be near my partner, touch/kiss him or her, I "feel" us in every love song, when separated...we miss & crave each other terribly...hopelessly devoted, Romance is vital to me...I am a >>>