Seven Keys to Make Valentine’s Day Sweet for Love that’s Going Sour

Chocolate hearts via Flickr

Valentine’s Day is an especially difficult time of year if your relationship isn’t quite working the way it used to. But according to professionals that help couples, there are several important ways to respond to relationship problems that can set you apart from couples that aren’t successful. Implementing even one of these tips into a struggling relationship takes courage.

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Why Marriage Is So Hard

Honold Yosemite Climber

Just looking at this picture makes my palms sweat. Succeeding at marriage is very, very hard. It’s gravity-defying hard. Yet I want to tell you something; there are everyday people like you and me that defy the odds. They stay married despite the incredibly strong inertia pulling against them to give up.

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6 Ways To Get More Respect From Your Wife

Does your wife respect you?

This is part two from my earlier post, “Does Your Husband Tune You Out,” where I wrote about three ways for a woman to stop getting ignored by her partner. Here, I’ll address the other side of the coin: Six ways for a man to get more respect from his wife. I’m going to say some things that I promise will make a splash in your marriage bathtub. I have seen this work to the point that where you might need to say “I need a bigger tub.” Metaphorically and otherwise, I am for bigger bathtubs.

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