Seven Keys to Make Valentine’s Day Sweet for Love that’s Going Sour

Chocolate hearts via Flickr

Valentine’s Day is an especially difficult time of year if your relationship isn’t quite working the way it used to. But according to professionals that help couples, there are several important ways to respond to relationship problems that can set you apart from couples that aren’t successful. Implementing even one of these tips into a struggling relationship takes courage.

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“The Hundred Foot Journey” is Five Movie-Theater-Rows Long

the hundred foot journey Book

It’s rare in cinema to find an adult movie that contains an intelligent story and is tasteful enough to have your kids come along. But The Hundred Foot Journey is both of these things. But I never expected its feel-good message to be put to the test right there in the movie theater.

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Can you be any more romantic?

Romantic love and romance

Here’s a quote from that I found:   Being Romantic means being sensitive, affectionate, and spiritually-inclined. The paramount quality of a romantic person is sensitivity. The romantic is a person who FEELS deeply, and attaches a lot of meaning to those feelings. Because of this, the romantic will express him/herself through such things as […]

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