You’re Engaged, Now What? Consider Pre-Marital Counseling in Washington DC

He got down on one knee, and you said yes.

You’re over the moon, and overjoyed. You just got engaged and your mind is racing, thinking about all of the parties — and the dress, and the dancing, and the cake, and the honeymoon.

But are you thinking about the marriage?

When tasked with planning a wedding, it can be easy to get caught up in the details of seating arrangements and centerpieces, but don’t forget that your wedding is but one day; your marriage will last much longer. That’s the hope anyway. So while you take care to make everything just right for your big day, remember to take care of your relationship, too.

Celebrate your marriage on your wedding day, and every day beyond.

Before you say ‘I do’, it’s important to have a few tough conversations.

You love your mate, and he loves you. But are you truly compatible?

Have a frank discussion about what marriage means to you.

Consider the gravity of the commitment and what it means to each of you. Ask yourselves a few questions: Is the wedding what’s most important, or are you ready to settle down to begin a new chapter in your lives? How will you grow together?

Talk about children.

Does he know your opinion on the matter? Does she know yours? Speak openly and honestly about how many children you do or don’t want, and how soon you want them.

And what about your parenting philosophy?

You’ve agreed you both want to have children, but maybe not for another five years, so it may seem like you’re getting ahead of yourself, but trust this Washington DC psychotherapist when I say, you’re not. Your feelings on child rearing and discipline are just as important as your feelings regarding children in general.


A discussion about Washington DC premarital counseling wouldn’t be complete without talk of religion. Many young couples today have gravitated away from marriage in the church, and many won’t even broach the subject of religion until their relationship takes a turn toward the serious. Well, now it’s time to talk about it. Ask yourselves and each other a few questions: Do you want a religious wedding? In what faith will your children be raised?

Consider pre-marital counseling in Washington DC.

You’ve had the conversations, and you feel like your communication is great, but you both really want to start your marriage off on the right foot: As an experienced group of counseling professionals, we commend you for that. Keep talking. Talk about your sex life and your finances, and your roles in the home. Talk about your personal goals, and the goals for your relationship.

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