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The Key to Finding Quality Couples Counseling at Your Local Counseling Center

Increasingly, people looking for a psychotherapist are turning to couples counselors at counseling centers. The reason is that many emotional symptoms treated in individual counseling have roots in relationship issues. A couples counselor is How much does a counseling center cost?trained to help identify the root causes of emotional issues and teach you to eliminate negative patterns in your relationships that fuel symptoms such as anxiety, depression and addictions. Couples counseling is an excellent way to focus on how your emotional issues show up in real-life relationships.

But there is one problem.

Many therapists at counseling centers that offer couples counseling may not be specially trained to provide this service. Would you know know, for example, who is more qualified as a couples counselor: A marriage and family therapist or a social worker that took post-graduate training in emotionally focused couples therapy? How can you tell?

I've created a guide that gives you critical information about what you need to know. Before you enter couples therapy at any counseling center, you should know what to look for and how to make sure your couples therapy is successful.

Three Advantages to Counseling Centers:

  1. Counseling centers are sometimes "wrap-around" services, offering counseling, psychiatric services (prescription medication), social work (case managers), housing counseling, and public benefits counseling.
  2. Counseling centers usually specialize in providing services to help deal with severe mental health crisis.
  3. Counseling centers are able to provide a variety of counselors so that you may choose from several to find the best fit for your particular situation and needs

Counseling Center: Couples Therapy Done Right

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