Couples Counseling Intensive All-Day House Call

House Call with Keith: Full-day couples counseling intensive

couples counseling intensive, couples therapy house callDo you want the highest possible level of professional intervention for your marriage? A full-day house call from Keith Miller could be the answer you need to jump-start your marriage recovery. Keith is a couples therapist with twelve years of experience and the author of Love Under Repair: How to Save Your Marriage and Survive Couples Therapy. His unique ability to help couples disarm hostility and find opportunities for healing and connection with couples makes him a specialist within the field of couples therapy.

For some couples, attending weekly couples therapy sessions doesn't provide enough inertia to break through difficult gridlock between you and your partner. The careful attention you'll get during your one-day marriage intensive house call can result in a transformative, healing experience. Keith has success with many couples that have had disappointing results with past couples therapy. His style is down-to-earth, warm and engaging. He has been trained by some of today's pioneers in attachment-based couples therapy, including Richard Schwartz and Harville Hendrix. You and your partner will receive an intervention designed by Keith specifically for your situation.

During your full-day intensive you can expect that Keith will:

  • quickly learn how your relationship operates and structure his approach based on the things that are most important of your values and goals
  • expertly guide you (and/or your partner) through the necessary stages to heal injuries and change habits
  • provide clear leadership and direction during sessions and give step-by-step guidance to correct habits that are destructive to your relationship
  • respond to you based on established scientific evidence about relationships, rather than personal opinion
  • challenge you and/or your partner when needed in a direct, non-threatening, supportive way
  • recommend a specific follow-up plan to continue to progress as a couple

This is the book trailer for Love Under Repair which also tells you a bit about the kind of work I do with couples.

Comments from Keith's past clients and workshop participants

couples therapy intensive"Both of my parents were divorced before they met and their relationship ended the same way when I was in high school. I can't describe to you how hopeless this made me feel about entering my own marriage… …so I'm grateful to have met you. Because of our work I feel like I can trust myself when something bad is happening [in my relationship]


"We didn't know what to expect when we came to your seminar. We were both anxious that doing this would make our problems bigger. Much to our relief you were compassionate, down-to-earth, and authentic about relationships and you gave us a view of what's happening in our marriage that we never had before."


"I wanted to do this work way more than my boyfriend and that made me wonder how this was going to be for him. Right away I saw that he was comfortable with you and then I could relax too."


"You're a bit younger than [my partner] and I but since this is the second marriage for both of us we vowed to be open to learning new things. It also helped that you were recommended by some friends of ours and we wanted to do things right this time. I was personally impressed by your passion for this work and your focus on learning skills we need to stay out of the weeds. It really helped us. We don't always do it, but we now have a shared experience to fall back on to know when we are going off course. This is a big improvement!"


"Keith not only helped us work through some of our root issues in his office, but also taught us the tools to do the same on our own. He was a cheerleader for our marriage and we truly felt he was on our side in trying to make this work for us."

couples therapy intensive


"My thinking has changed greatly and my sessions with Keith have been a great cause of this. Keith has been so easy to work with – approachable, understanding, calm, caring. I feel like he took our first conversation and perfectly tailored our sessions for my needs. He asks pointed questions and helps me sort out the tornado in my head. Through our sessions, I've learned so much about myself and how to be happier, more confident, and calm. I can't say enough about Keith's skills as a therapist. More than that though, he just has a wonderful spirit and energy that make a sometimes scary experience entirely within my reach."


"We had a big case of cold feet. You helped us both relax and find a way to rediscover what had brought us together. Most importantly, you taught us to learn from our feelings instead of getting anxious about them. For me especially this has made a huge difference in believing that we have what it takes…."


"Working with Keith on our marriage was a great experience. After trying many other counselors we finally found a fantastic match in Keith. He valued both of our views and provided us with a safe and calm place for us to voice what was in our hearts."


"Keith was good at stopping us before we became destructive, and would instead help us get ourselves back to a calm and constructive place to work on our marriage. We left each session feeling we had accomplished a great deal, and feeling more peaceful and excited about our future together."

- Miguel

"Before we did your workshop I felt a sense of panic about some areas of our relationship. But the wedding plans were WELL underway and so I told myself that things will be fine… …What a relief to have a place like this where it was ok to talk about the direction of our relationship without feeling like it was going to do more harm than good! Thank you for giving us some new tools that we would have never discovered otherwise!"


"My marriage has improved tremendously since our sessions with Keith. Our awareness of our own triggers has helped us improve our communication, understand each other's reactions within a positive framework and work harder together to resolve conflict."


"Keith is a very good helper in changing the way I was thinking about myself and my life. Thought patterns, negative ones, were keeping me from taking the steps of life that I needed to continue my process in becoming a man. I have learned to speak to those thoughts, try to understand why they are there and by doing so put them in the proper perspective."



"After several years together, my boyfriend was considering ending our relationship because of constant bickering. Couples therapy intensive home visitKeith was able to help us learn how to communicate better so that now we rarely fight, and can step back when things are too heated to discuss. He gave us the tools we needed to move forward in our relationship. We became engaged just 5 months after our last session with Keith. I do not think our relationship would have survived and flourished without Keith's help."


"I liked working with Keith because he is not the traditional counselor who bores you with the same old messages and outdated strategies to resolving everyday issues… and he also has a good sense of humor and an open mind about what it takes to make a relationship really work."


"My boyfriend and I came to Keith during one of the lowest points in our relationship. He immediately made us feel comfortable expressing ourselves, and his approach gave us the structure in our sessions that we needed. I walked away after every session feeling that I had learned something about me and my significant other."



Frequently Asked Questions about the full-day house call counseling intensive

Q: How is a house-call different from going to see a regular couples therapist?

A: When I make a house call for couples therapy I believe it feels more intimate and safer for many couples, allowing them to really let their guard down, relax, and be themselves. In my Washington, DC office I work with many high-level executives or political officials. Several have confided to me that coming into my office feels a bit like they're being sent to the principal's office. My guess is that there's many others that feel the same way and would rather have important meetings like this in the private sanctuary of their own home.

Q: How will our day together be structured?

A: Our day will include 6 clock hours of meeting together. The start time depends on my travel arrangements, but we'll aim to begin our day at 9am and typically end at 4:30pm with one and a half hours built in for lunch and other short breaks. I'll want to meet as much as possible together with you both during our meetings but will reserve some one-on-one meeting time with you as well. I'll use the one-hour preliminary phone call before we meet to assess your relationship issues and develop specific goals for our intensive sessions. In addition, prior to our first phone call, I'll have you both fill out some questionnaires that will give me a detailed picture of your relationship history and current concerns.

Q: We're having a hard time talking to each other and don't always enjoy being around one another. I can't imagine sitting through six hours of meetings together…why would I want to do this?

A: The most frequent comment I get from couples that know my work as a therapist is "I don't know how you do it but when we're with you we can talk about almost anything safely." A professional obsession of mine throughout my career as a couples therapist has been to find the "best of the best" methods to help couples connect—this is why I wrote Love Under Repair. I'll be the first to tell you that standard, solution-focused couples therapy doesn't work for most couples in distress. That's why I use what's known as attachment-based methods which are known for dramatically lowering the temperature of volatility between partners in conflict. It's not flawless and doesn't work in all circumstances, but like a beekeeper entering his highly energetic hive, I have a lot of faith in the "equipment" and the methods I use.

Q: Is there anything we can do to prepare for your visit to our home?

A: There are three things you can do to prepare for my home visit:

1) Plan to make time responding carefully to the questionnaires I send you before your visit.

2) Get a good night's rest and have some caffeine and healthy snacks prepared for us for our big day (another perk of not meeting in my office).

3) I highly suggest that both of you read Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Susan Johnson. Much of my work is based upon the same research and techniques that Johnson has popularized in her "emotionally-focused" couples therapy.

Q: What if a one-day intensive isn't enough to really help us have a relationship break-through?

A: Most of the time a one day intensive with will provide significant relief and a change of course for your relationship. I'll discuss follow-up options like visits to his office (if you're nearby), phone or secure skype, or referral to a therapist near you that Keith can personally help you select. For some situations Keith may be willing to visit you a second time or structure a visit over two consecutive week days.

Canceling or rescheduling a home visit

-100% of your fee will be refunded if you cancel or change dates more than two weeks ahead, minus any non-refundable travel arrangements.

-50% of your fee is refunded if you've given between 7 -14 days notice to cancel or change dates, minus non-refundable travel and accommodations

- If less than 7 days is given to cancel or change dates there is no refund. You'll be expected to cover any non-refundable travel fees.

- A "day" of notice is defined as the 24 hour period prior to 9am on the day of your scheduled visit


Scheduling a House Call

For inquires or to schedule a house-call with Keith email: keith[at]