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About the Author

Keith Miller is a licensed clinical social worker and director of Keith Miller Counseling, a private behavioral health practice that specializes in making relationships thrive. His first book, Love Under Repair: How to Save Your Marriage and Survive Couples Therapywon the Reader's Favorite Award for non-fiction in 2015. Keith is a nationally known speaker and teaches on the subject of interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness, and stress-reduction for couples. He lives in Maryland with his wife of 17 years, and two children.


Why Mindfulness? 

21-Day Marriage Transformation is a multi-media course designed to teach scientifically proven stress-reduction skills using mindfulness meditation.

If you're the kind of person that thinks "meditation isn't for me," or more frankly, you think it's all bullshit, please keep reading. 

In the 1940s, if you told someone you were going running, they might have asked, "Who's chasing you?" 

Then what happened? The scientists flooded us with hard evidence that proved the benefits of excercise. Now, we all do it, or feel guilty about not doing it. 

At this moment, mindfulness is where exercise was decades ago. The scientific evidence just keeps piling up, showing how effective just a small amount of meditation is for the body, mind, and personal relationships. It's been embraced by some surprising people, including the U.S. Marines, corporate executives, and elite athletes and performers.

Main Objective of 21-Day Marriage Transformation

This course teaches you how to use mindfulness—which is a mental habit of pausing to pay close attention to bodily sensations, feelings, or thoughts, without reacting to them—to change how you percieve and feel toward your partner.  

The normal wear-and-tear of juggling a busy life with maintaining a close and intimate relationship is bound to cause you emotional pain at some point in your marriage. Partners in a successful relationship know how to "not sweat the small stuff," and carefully chip away at the not-so-small-stuff without shaming, criticizing or ignoring their partner's needs in order to change them. But normal feelings like anger, disappointment, jealousy, or hopelessness can weigh you down, causing you to look at your partner through a narrow and fearful lens.  

The daily meditations in 21-Day Marriage Transformation are specifically tailored to help you become less reactive, more confident, more creative and more courageous with your partner. This course will help you reverse automatic mental habits that are ineffective at eliciting openness and receptivity from your partner such as blaming, criticism, avoidance, and defensiveness.

Intended for use as a solo activity, partners who participate together will especially reap the benefits of exercises that will improve communication and empathy.

How the course works

The 21-day course schedule gives you 5 days of lesson material per week, for three weeks, which includes:

  • 15 short videos that vividly illustrate the main concept for each lesson (plus 3 bonus videos)
  • 15 twenty-minute audio meditations (with and without music)
  • 15 written lessons that explain mindfulness and emotional intelligence concepts used in each day’s meditation
  • 15 assessment questions to help you track variables that affect your state of mind before and after each meditation
  • 15 reflection exercises to help translate positive changes within yourself into positive interactions with your partner(Plus 3 bonus quizzes)

21-Day Marriage Transformation is like getting allergy shots for the negativity and emotional "inflammation" that is clogging the connection between you and your partner. 

Watch the video below to learn more about how the mindfulness activities of 21-Day Marriage Transformation reverse the physiological effects of the body's "stress response." 

The "You-Turn"

The "You-Turn" is a central concept in 21-Day Marriage Transformation. It's a way to filter out the negative information your brain vacuums up about your partner, when it's inflamed by stress. Free from stress, you'll see your partner more clearly...not as the enemy.

Watch the video below to learn more about the You-Turn.  

This course will reset the way your brain processes negativity...and help you bounce over the boulders of distress or pain in your relationship that might otherwise make you feel powerless to change anything or react in ways that are unproductive.

Listen to the meditation below to experience the two-part system of 1) Relaxation and 2) Desensitization to relationship stress triggers that make this stress-reduction a powerful tool for relationship enhancement. 

Below is one of the 15 meditations (each twenty minutes) included in the full version:

For a limited time, get full access to 21-Day Marriage Transformation for just $1.

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When you make the full purchase after the 7-day, $1 trial, your spiral-bound workbook and USB drive will ship for free.

Even after full purchase, you still have another 21 days to get a COMPLETE, no-hassle, 100% refund. 

Keith Miller offers an alternative to couples therapy—a clear and practical course for working on your own that integrates elements of the most popular and powerful approaches to improve your relationship.

Dr. Richard C. Schwartz

Harvard Medical School Faculty, Department of Psychiatry

Creator of Internal Family Systems Therapy

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