Hold Me Tight

Are You Getting Therapy or Are You Getting a Brand? 

Susan Johnson's book, Hold Me Tight is, right now, the most popular selling title for couples looking to improve their relationship. As a veteran couples therapist myself, I recommend this book and the brand of couples therapy Johnson created called Emotion Focused Couple Therapy, or EFT.

Hold Me TightHold on. Did you catch that I said "brand" of couples therapy?

Toyota and Honda are brands. But did you realize that health-related professionals like licensed psychotherapists are now forced to market themselves and compete with other therapy brands to make a living? 

This surprising insight into the economics of psychotherapy was pointed out in a New York Times article that went viral last year: Psychotherapy's Image Problem Pushes Some Therapist to Become Brands    

The Hold Me Tight Dilemma: Is It Right for Us? 

When you read Hold Me Tight, how can you tell the difference between marketing spin and the reality of what you will get when you call a couples therapist in your town? What if the therapist you like or can afford uses a brand other than Johnson's Hold Me Tight? 

As a professional couples therapist,  I have talked to hundreds of couples who don’t know what kind of help they need. All the best-selling books sound convincing. The brands all blur together. They make a quick choice, end up with a couples therapist that isn’t the right style for them, and their relationship gets worse. 

How can this happen?

There is important research, not associated with a brand of therapy like EFT and Hold Me Tight, that shows over and over that people who truly believe in their couples therapy end up getting huge benefits. Those that don’t click with their therapist…well that’s another story.  

But how do you make sure you get the huge benefits? To believe your brand of therapy is going to work better than the brand offered two blocks away, you almost need a Consumer's Report of the leading brands of couples therapy. 

There is a solution. 

Couples Therapy Done Right: What You Need to Know to Save Your Relationship

 Until now, no one has paid much attention to this dilemma. You are all alone to do your own research and pay lots of your money on trial and error. And you are all alone to see if it works.  

But what if you could know, before you call a professional counselor, what style of therapy is the best for you and your situation? In an industry that lacks clear benchmarks or standards of quality, what if you had an objective guide to give you perspective on your decision about the help you get, including all the Hold Me Tight concepts?

 This is why I decided to publish a guide called Couples Therapy Done Right: What You Need to Know to Save Your Relationship, to help you make these choices and get the most out of couples counseling. Having gone through this personally and professionally, I am happy to be your personal assistant to help you find help you can trust.

 Couples Therapy Done Right is scheduled for publication in Winter 2013-2014. To be notified when it is available, simply enter your email address in the form below.

"I wish my husband and I had this before we went through two therapists in six months. It's like a cheat sheet that covers all the basics we never knew we didn't know." 

This book is your guide to cut through the branding dilemma. For example, did you know that there are two other major brands of couples therapy very similar to Hold Me Tight? You and your partner will appreciate the helpful shortcuts to understand how each are different and which ones you might be more inclined to click with. 

Don't have time to read Hold Me Tight and the other similar brands? No problem. Couples Therapy Done Right is your "Cliff's Notes" version that organizes the most important concepts you need to know in order to make a smart decision about where you spend your money in therapy.

In addition to the "cheat sheet" to the big three brands of couples therapy, Couples Therapy Done Right contains practical topics such as:  

  • The three most common couples therapy disasters that are easy to avoid
  • The ten most important questions to ask a couples counselor that most people don’t think of
  • The real cost of couples therapy
  • Alternatives to couples counseling like relationship coaching, self-help, workshops and boot-camps
  • What most people are afraid to ask about sex therapy for couples
  • What to do if your partner won’t go with you to couples therapy? 

Couples Therapy Done Right is scheduled for publication in Winter 2013-2014. To be notified when it is available, simply enter your email address in the form below.


Hold Me Tight