How Can I Find a Therapist?

When someone first considers getting help for their marriage, it often raises the question, “How can I find a therapist?” It’s not like hiring a mechanic or a hairstylist. The person you choose to be your therapist can make a big difference in the success of your relationship. 

Here are some common questions people have when looking for a therapist: 

How can I find a therapist when I don’t even know where to start? 

Start by asking your doctor for a referral. 

How do I find a therapist in my area? 

Search advertisements in the newspaper or on the internet. Check online directories or the yellow pages as well.

Where can I find a therapist?

Look for a therapist in the phone book.

 How can I find a therapist who does marriage counseling? 

Not all therapists have expertise in marriage counseling so it is important to ask any therapist you’re considering working with ahead of time about their areas of expertise.

How can I find a therapist if my spouse refuses to go with me? 

Sometimes people ask, “How can I find a therapist to help my marriage if my spouse refuses to go to counseling?” Often, one person can help the marriage by attending therapy individually so consider going alone if your spouse won’t go. 

How can I find a therapist for my spouse? 

Your spouse will need to be committed to going to therapy. You can assist your spouse in finding a therapist but make sure your spouse really wants the help. 

How can I find a therapist who accepts my insurance? 

Ask your insurance company if they contract with any local therapists. 

How can I find a therapist who is well-trained? 

Ask about a therapist’s qualifications ahead of time to make sure you are dealing with a well-qualified therapist. Most therapists are happy to offer information about their education and work history. 

How can I find a therapist if I’m not sure whether or not I need individual or family therapy?

 A therapist’s expertise will help you learn more about whether individual, couple’s or family therapy is likely to be most beneficial. 

How can I find a therapist who doesn’t charge too much? 

Marriage counseling costs vary greatly.  Ask about charges and whether or not the therapist offers reduced rates for people who lack insurance coverage or have high deductibles. 

How Can I Find a Therapist?