How Do You Find A Therapist

Buyer Beware: How Do You Find a Therapist That is Right For You? 

It should be straightforward. You want to talk to someone that will listen and offer clear guidance to help you feel better. But how do you find a therapist that actually helps you? 

Unlike getting treatment for pinkeye or laryngitis, in the world of psychotherapy there is no clear set of procedures for professionals to follow. And if you peek behind the curtain and look at outcome research for psychotherapy methods, it is anything except clear. It is easy to wonder, "How do I find a therapist if each brand of therapy does its own research?" In fact, there are many brands of therapy that compete with each other. They each present outcome data of their research in such a way to suggest that their method is authoritative.

This is especially true for couples therapy. 

That's why I wrote a guide just for you. Couples Therapy Done Right: What You Need to Know to Save Your Relationship, is scheduled to be published in Winter 2013-2014.  Simply enter your email in the field below to get a note from me when it is available for download.  


How do you find a therapist that is best for you




























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