Imago Therapy

Does Imago Therapy Really Work? 

Do you and your partner find yourselves arguing about the same issues? Does it seem there is "more to it" than whatever issue you are in conflict about? 

Imago therapy does it work?If so, Imago Therapy may be a good way to get at the root of your conflict and effectively stop the negative pattern you may be in with your partner. 

Imago Therapy is a popular form of couples therapy created by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt. It is a structured form of therapy in which you and your partner explore the hidden, unconscious, agenda behind your conflict. 

Many couples that go to Imago Therapy after traditional couples therapy remark that it is one of the most unique forms of therapy they have tried. Using structured exercises, you will be guided to focus on creating safe communication. Both of you take turns at practicing the skills needed to slow down your conversations to the point where reactivity, disagreement, and interruption is replaced by careful listening. 

Does It Work? 

If you are comparing the various couple therapy "brands" out there today, Imago Therapy will certainly be among the top. It has an excellent reputation for training therapists that can be counted on to help couples navigate the most difficult power struggles. But how do you know if the therapy you choose will really work? 


Couples Therapy Done Right Imago Therapy

Imago Therapy Done Right