John Gottman and His Contribution to Relationships

John Gottman has made many contributions to marriage counseling. Although his first career was as a math instructor, he continued his education to become a psychologist. His research, books and the Gottman Institute have offered new insights into what couples can do to make their relationship successful.


Research by John Gottman

John Gottman was recognized as one of the most influential therapists in the past quarter century because of his contributions to relationship counseling. His research showed that the way couples make up after a fight can have a big impact on their relationship.

He is also known for his ability to predict which marriages are likely to last and which ones are likely to end in divorce. He created various instruments to measure items that increase the risk for divorce, such as criticism, contempt, stonewalling, and defensiveness.

John Gottman created therapy techniques to address common marriage problems. These techniques increase the likelihood that couples will experience stable and happy marriages. The Gottman method helps couples increase respect and affection while also improving their conflict resolution skills.

The Gottman Institute

The Gottman institute was created in collaboration with his wife, Julie Schwartz Gottman. It offers weekend workshops to help couples improve their marriage. It also provides referrals to qualified marriage counselors.

Mental health professionals can also receive training at the intstitute. A variety of workshops and home-study courses help therapists learn more about how to implement new programs and techniques based on the latest relationship research.

Books by John Gottman

John Gottman has published many academic articles and has authored or co-authored 40 books. Among his work are bestselling books The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, The Relationship Cure, Why Marriages Succeed or Fail and Raising and Emotionally Intelligent Child.

John Gottman and His Contribution to Relationships