Marriage Problems

 The Surprise You Don’t Want When You Have Marriage Problems

It’s hard enough to wake up are realize you have marriage problems. But what happens next?

A lot of people wait and do nothing. In fact, the research on this tells us that most couples wait, on average, six years before getting help for marriage problems.

But when you are ready to get help, you may be in for a surprise.

Many people finally call for help out of desperation, like calling 9-1-1. They are in a hurry to get relief and wind up with a therapist that makes things worse!

Or maybe you are not in a crisis right now but things could be better. You browse the advice for marriage problems and it all blurs together. Everyone claims to be an authority. Who is right? You end up with more questions than answers.

How can this happen?

Huge Benefits…If You Make the Right Choice

There are many great brands of couples therapy out there today that have superior results compared to some outdated approaches that are hit and miss for marriage problems. But one thing all the research agrees upon is that if you really believe in the therapy you’re getting, the benefits are compounded immensely.   

Research shows time and time again that people who truly believe in their couples therapy end up getting huge benefits. Those that don’t find a good match with their therapist…well that’s another story.  

But how do you make sure you get the huge benefits to resolve your marriage problems? You’d have to spend a year studying every brand of couples therapy out there in order to truly trust that it’s going to work. It’s what I call the “blind choice dilemma.”  

There is a solution. 

 Couples Therapy Done Right


If you're having marriage problems this guide is for you