Psychotherapy to Address Sexual Issues

Sexual problems can be fairly common for couples. A lack of sexual intimacy can be very problematic for relationships. Psychotherapy can be a great way for couples to safely address any sexual problems.


Sexual Problems that can be Addressed in Psychotherapy 

Sometimes sexual issues are physical in nature and should be treated by a physician. Hormonal issues, aging, and medication side effects are among the reasons some people experience sexual problems. It can be helpful to meet with your doctor prior to beginning psychotherapy to rule out any physical health issues.

Psychotherapy can treat an array of sexual problems. For couples who have different sexual drives and needs, it can be a great way to address those differences.

Psychotherapy can also help couples address intimacy issues. Sometimes a lack of sexual intimacy is a symptom of other underlying problems in the relationship and at other times, the lack of sexual activity is the heart of the problem.

Psychotherapy can also help people who have a history of sexual abuse or who have sexual performance problems.

Problems with pornography are sometimes addressed in psychotherapy as this can impact a couple’s sex life. Other common issues addressed in psychotherapy include sexual issues that arise after infidelity.

How Sexual Issues are Addressed in Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy for sexual issues involves discussing sexual problems and issues with the therapist. The therapist may offer the couple homework assignments that include going home and addressing issues related to physical touch and intimacy. These issues are discussed again at the next session.

Psychotherapy can also help couples address underlying emotional issues that may be interfering with sexual intimacy. Underlying resentment, unresolved conflict or a lack of emotional intimacy can all interfere with a healthy sex life. 

Psychotherapy to Address Sexual Issues