Invite Keith to speak to your event

Having me speak to your group is a fantastic way to build community and start conversations about relationships, love, emotionally intelligent leadership and married life. I come prepared to deliver a moving message that draws from my many life experiences and profession as a marriage therapist. I’m a marriage expert but I’m far from a perfect husband. In fact, I wrote Love Under Repair after my own marriage crisis showed me just how difficult it is to know how to find professional help that really helps. I’m also a parent and know firsthand how the stress of parenting takes its toll on many couples. My wife and I have been in the trenches together and I know it’s possible to turn things around—I love to inspire couples and encourage with real examples of making love work in marriage.   

Keith speaking

I’ll always tailor my message to your audience, holding their attention with humor and stories—I love to tell stories. Stories touch us in ways that a PowerPoint or handout utterly fail to do. I want your audience to literally feel themselves in the story because I know this is how the deepest, most lasting learning takes place. I frequently hear from people who’ve heard me speak and they’ll mention a story they remembered—I'm always amazed at how powerfully people are impacted.  

Some of my favorite themes to speak on are:

  • Emotionally intelligent marriage: How small adjustments in your habits and attitude can make your marriage work.   
  • Wired for Love: What the brain is showing us about the myth of individualism      
  • Love Under Repair: How to Save Your Marriage and Survive Couples Therapy
  • Technomonium: Staying married in the age of digital distraction

For more information contact: keith[at]loveunderrepair.com

Invite Keith to speak at your wedding

Wedding in church

I'm delighted to hear people that have heard me speak frequently comment about my ability to deliver moving, personal, from-the-heart messages. While every minister has his or her strengths, some aren’t able to offer this kind of engaging experience to you and the most important people in your life attending your wedding. Although I’m not a wedding officiate, most ministers are happy to share the duties of performing your wedding if you make such a request.   

Speaking at weddings is an honor and a joy for me. What I love about these intimate occasions is being able to accurately reflect your highest values in a memorable message, crafted for you. Some couples prefer to have a specifically Christian message while others request that the message remain non-religious or only include spiritual elements. I have wide range of experiences from which to draw the most poignant and moving themes that will complement your ceremony.

Examples of some of the themes I like to speak about are:

  • Called to serve: Loving each other and loving God through humility
  • The daily miracles of love: Living together with grace in an unforgiving world
  • Love never fails: The surprising strength of weakness in love  

Prior to becoming a mental health professional and a counselor I studied Christian ministry and obtained an M.A. in Biblical studies, intending to enter seminary to become a minister. I held the title of chaplain for several years during this time in various settings, frequently preaching at church services and retreats. In my life as an author and couples therapist, I frequently present on the topic of the power of love and vulnerability to overcome adversity. My book is called Love Under Repair: How to Save Your Marriage and Survive Couples Therapy.   

For more information contact: keith[at]loveunderrepair.com