Are You Allergic to Your Spouse?

My theory is that relationship issues can be thought of like emotional allergies. Negative feelings can be greatly relieved by learning the most basic mindfulness skills. It doesn’t have to get more complicated than that. Once you know how to control where your relationship stress hits you the hardest—inside your noggin—you’ll be able to respond to difficult moments with your partner productively.

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10 Things You Can Do Now to Improve your Relationship

Improve your relationship

If you want to improve your relationship, you don’t have to wait. Take a look at the following suggestions I have that can make major shifts in your relationship. Then tell me about the real world where this list goes out the window…really, let’s have a conversation about what stops us from doing all of these things.

If you post a comment in the next 48 hrs I’ll do a raffle giveaway and send one person a $10 Starbucks gift card. There you have it. Coffee and confession time.

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