Before You Consider Divorce, Consider Couples Therapy in Washington DC

Marriage is hard, and sometimes it seems impossible to get through the day-to-day activities of life without arguing; in fact, it’s gotten so bad lately that you’re wondering if you and your spouse would be better off filing for divorce. Do you want to get divorced in Washington DC? The decision to file for divorce […]

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Headed for Divorce: Do Scotland and Great Britain Have Irreconcilable Differences?


The impending vote on the independence of Scotland this week is an interesting parallel to the decision that thousands of people make every day in America when they choose divorce over reconciliation of their marriage. Some people simply reach a point where they are convinced that the grass truly is greener elsewhere during a long-standing partnership. But is the grass really greener after divorce?

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What to do if your wife wants a divorce. Rule #1: Don’t go wacky

Marriage Advice in Washington DC

One of the most dreaded things a man could hear is that his wife wants a divorce. I’m going to go through some of the basics that you need to remember if, for some reason, this happens to you.

Read more to learn the three rules to remember if your wife has told you it’s over.

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