How we define love is important. I think a lot of people get the definition of love and the definition of relationship confused. Relationships must deal with boundaries, negotiating differences, and sharing space. Love, however, is like the air or water in which relationships float. The condition of our heart and our concept of love…

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Do you believe in love?

Do you believe in love? Like it or not, Valentine’s Day tends to bring a question like this to the forefront. Do you get excited about another Hallmark chance to express your amorous feelings to ones closest to you? Or does it feel like you are answering a knock at the door at 11:59pm?  “This […]

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Do you love your wife more than sex?

How much do you love your wife?

Guys, I have what may be a tough question for you. Maybe it is easy. Let’s find out. Can you tell the difference between what your wife does to make you happy and what satisfies you about your relationship to your wife? There’s no trick question here, I just want you to think about this. Dirk […]

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