What is a Good Marriage?

Sometimes it makes sense to stop and think, what is a good marriage and what does it look like? It’s something that most couples don’t ever really take the time to consider. 

What is a good marriage

What is a Good Marriage in Today’s World? 

With divorce rates well over 50 percent, it can be hard to know what makes a good marriage. A survey that asks “What is a good marriage?” would likely yield much different results today when compared to results from 50 years ago. Technology and changes in gender roles are just a few of the major changes in today’s relationships. 

What is a Good Marriage Like When Conflict Arises? 

Conflict doesn’t necessarily mean a couple doesn’t have a good marriage. Instead, it’s about how they handle the conflict. After all, conflict is inevitable.

What is a Good Marriage Like After 10 Years? 

It can be easy to spot a good marriage in the early stages, but what is a good marriage like after 10 years? This is a time when the spark may seem to dwindle and many couples are focused on raising kids and their career. 

What is a Good Marriage Like After Kids? 

Deciding what a good marriage is like after kids can certainly be complicated. After all, it can be a tricky balance to care for your children, take care of yourself and also nurture your marriage all at the same time.

 What is a Good Marriage to Us? 

In the end, it’s essential that you ask yourself, what is a good marriage to me and what is a good marriage to my spouse? The answers may be different. However, if the two of you can combine your views, you can create a good marriage that will satisfy both of you.

 What is a Good Marriage?