What is Marriage and Family Therapy

Do You Know What You're Asking For? What You Really Need to Know About Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and family therapy is an important type of counseling that sometimes treats your entire family. In family therapy, rather than just focusing on one person, everyone in the family is asked to attend sessions. There is a powerful potential for change because all relationships inside your family get attention. The roles each of you play with one another either blend together harmoniously or clash, like billiard balls, impacting the whole.  

what is marriage and family?Marriage therapy provides a similar opportunity to turn around situations that may seem hopeless or breath life into a tired relationship.

In the hands of a competent marriage and family therapy professional, your investment in counseling can be life-changing.  

But what if you get help from a marriage and family therapy professional that isn't competent? It is a topic rarely discussed publicly by mental health professionals. All marriage and family therapy professionals aren't created equally. Or are they? How would you know? You probably aren't going to attend the next marriage and family therapy conference in your part of the country to learn how to critique the therapist on the other end of the phone. 

But what if there was a way you could verify the quality of the marriage and family therapy you are signing up for? 

A Personal Mission to Make It Easier For You

As a therapist myself and the director of a large practice of therapists that provide marriage and family therapy, I know how vital it is to put your relationship in the hands of someone that will help you succeed. I also know from personal experience--even though it should have been easier for me when my marriage was in trouble--just how perplexing it is to judge the "product" you are buying, especially when you are eager (or desperate) for help. And for many of you paying out-of-pocket, the cost is no small thing. Yet even the true cost of marriage and family therapy is not something you can find published anywhere.

This is why I published a guide just for you. 

Buyer beware: marriage and family therapy

Marriage and family therapy done right