What Separates Good Marriage Advice from the Bad on the Internet?

For many couples, the internet is their sole source of marriage advice.  However, it’s pretty clear, that much online advice isn’t helpful or accurate. With so many websites devoted to offering tips on everything from intimacy to conflict resolution, it can be tricky to separate good marriage advice from the bad.



The internet offers an array of tips about marriage.


Just because an article shows up at the top of the list of an internet search, it doesn’t mean it offers healthy marriage advice.  When it comes to finding the best marriage advice, there are several things you can do to help wade through all the blogs and websites to find healthy advice.

3 Steps to Evaluating Marriage Advice

First, look at the source. Is it a reputable website written by a professional or is it a personal blog? Not to say that personal blogs can’t offer helpful marriage advice, as they certainly can, but more times than not they’re more interested in getting traffic to their site rather than offering helpful marriage advice.

Second, look at the background behind the marriage advice. For example, is it based on years of research? Is it faith-based marriage advice that is in line with your beliefs and values? Is it based solely on someone’s personal experience? Understanding where the authors gained their marriage advice can help you look at the information with a more critical eye.

Third, ask yourself if the advice is relevant to your situation? After all, just because something worked for one person, doesn’t mean it will apply to your marriage. Not all advice is relevant across individual circumstances and situations in today’s world.

Where do you find marriage advice online and how do you separate the good advice from the bad?

What Separates Good Marriage Advice from the Bad on the Internet?