What Types of Marriage Problems Can Therapy Address?

Therapy can address a variety of marriage problems. Meeting with a therapist, often for just a few short sessions, can usually make a big difference in the way you think and feel about your marriage.

marriage problems

Marriage Problems that are Frequently Addressed in Counseling 

Marriage counseling frequently addresses a variety of mental health issues. Anxiety disorders, depression and other mental health issues that affect both parents are common reasons people seek marriage counseling.

Other marriage problems that can be addressed in counseling are substance abuse issues. Whether one partner or both partners are affected by substances, counseling can help.

Disagreements over parenting issues can also lead to marriage problems. Couples counseling can help a couple learn to parent together more effectively.

Communication issues lead to a variety of marriage problems. Unresolved conflict, lack of communication, and anger issues can all be addressed effectively when couples learn new skills.

Sometimes marriage problems stem from what a person thinks. For example, a person who constantly worries his spouse is cheating, may benefit from learning skills to address his anxious thoughts.

At other times, marriage problems are a result of the way a person feels. If one person lacks romantic feelings toward the other, it can certainly cause marriage problems. However, counseling can help people learn how to change the way they feel. 

A person’s behavior can also cause marriage problems. For example, a husband who yells at his spouse may contribute to the problems. A counselor can help the couple identify ways to change unhealthy behavior patterns.

When to Seek Help for Marriage Problems 

Often, the sooner you seek help, the easier it will be to address any marriage problems. However, it’s never too late. Seek help from a qualified marriage counselor to learn how counseling can help improve your marriage.